What Woori Bank coach Wi Sung-woo felt through off-season training in Japan

August 11, 2023 0 Comments

There was a gap, but I came back with confidence.
Asan Woori Bank went to Nagoya, Japan for field training from August 1st to 9th. In the field, he tried to maximize his organizational power through practice games with W-League teams such as Toyota and Mitsubishi. I came back with confidence while playing head-to-head against top teams.

In a phone call with Woori Bank, Coach Seong-Woo Lee of Woori Bank said, “The Japanese players are very good. Even 10 years ago, there were many games that were won except for the top teams. However, few teams can beat them now. I feel that we have become weaker than the level of Japan has improved. Still, he is not an opponent to be followed. I think it’s worth trying if I try harder.”

In the offseason, Woori Bank had a change in the squad. Kim Jong-un, who obtained FA (free agent) status, left for Bucheon Hana 1Q and recruited Yoo Seung-hee through a trade with Shinhan Bank in Incheon. He also brought in Lee Myung-gwan from Yongin Samsung Life Insurance.

“(Lee) Myeong-gwan had surgery on the sole of his foot, so he couldn’t play in the practice game. (Yoo) Seung-hee is still in the adaptation stage. He works hard to integrate into the team. It’s only been 3 months since we trained with our team. It’s hard, but I’m working hard in silence.” This is Director Wi Sung-woo’s evaluation of Yoo Seung-hee.

Woori Bank won the combined championship with overwhelming power last season. Although there has been a change in power, he will continue to take on the color of director Sung-Woo Lee.

Director Wi Sung-woo said, “I think we should go similarly to last season. There are no major changes in position. Isn’t basketball these days played with high speed? Rather than my own style, I try to follow the trend of modern basketball.”

After returning from field training in Japan, Woori Bank will take a break until the 13th. Afterwards, they plan to work together in Jangwi-dong to prepare for the Park Shin-ja Cup scheduled for the end of August.

Coach Seong-woo Seong-woo said, “In fact, if the national team players are left out, there are no players. There are also injured players, so there are not many players who can train. I think we need to train with the rest of the players. I plan to focus on the season rather than the Park Shin-ja Cup.”


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