Used Federation’s ‘First 4K Broadcasting’ video service efforts

August 10, 2023 0 Comments

The first one. The video service efforts of the Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation continue.

The Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation held the 2023 Korea Middle and High School Basketball Weekend League King’s Competition in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do on the 4th, and a total of 66 teams (18 men’s, 26 men’s, 12 women’s, and 10 women’s, will end the men’s high school finals on the 12th.

There is something special about this competition. Real-time broadcast quality has been upgraded to 4K resolution.

Choi Nam-sik, secretary-general of the Korea Secondary Basketball Federation, said, “Service for parents who cannot find competitions held in the provinces is also important, but video data from amateur basketball players are often needed.” He went on to say, “The NBA Basketball Without Borders (BWB) also requests data. It is to invite promising players to the training ground after watching them play. I worked hard to improve the quality for many reasons

The results came out by attaching a video to the recommendation and selection process that previously relied on records. We recommended all 5 promising female players for this NBA Borderless basketball camp, and 3 out of 5 recommended male players were selected. Also, the NBA camp nominated a lower-grade player I saw on the Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation channel and went to the camp. In this situation, I felt the need to improve the image quality even more.

Starting with the broadcast service in 2010, the 2015 Weekend League introduced real-time streaming of all games for the first time among amateur elite competitions, and in 2018, PIP (Picture in Picture) technology was introduced on the broadcast screen to prevent cheating.

Executive Director Choi Nam-sik said, “We have started pilot operation of 4K quality streaming since this year,” adding, “Due to the nature of regional competitions, each gym has a different Internet environment, making it difficult to operate as a whole.”

The need and demand for video material are the same in all areas. The Korea Middle School Basketball Federation is also preparing for this. Amateur elite players eventually enter the professional league. It can store the past images of such players in clear quality and use them for secondary and tertiary processing in the future. The efforts of the Korea Middle School Basketball Federation are continuing.

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