The first spring basketball game in 12 years ended in 3 games. What did Hana One Q want to achieve?

March 14, 2024 0 Comments

Cheongju Kookmin Bank, which aims to win the championship against Bucheon Hana One-Q, had too high a mountain range. However, Hana One-Q coach Kim Do-wan focused on maximizing precious chances of his students who are on the playoff stage for the first time in a long time.

Founded in 2012, Hana One-Q entered the PO for the first time this season. It ranked third in the regular league in the 2019-2020 season, but the PO was not opened due to COVID-19. Hana One-Q, which was difficult to overcome the PO fence, met Kookmin Bank, the best in the league. In the third round of PO against Kookmin Bank at home on the 13th, they lost 64-77, losing three consecutive games, and failed to advance to the championship game. In terms of objective power, Hana OneQ was absolutely inferior, and there was no surprise.

While acknowledging the absence of players’ capacity, Kim made it clear that he would not back down throughout the series. After losing the first round, Kim again emphasized the players’ mental preparation. He encouraged them to challenge themselves to grow and not settle down in reality. As a result, Jihyun Shin and Yang In-young improved in the second round. They also fought hard against Kookmin Bank in the third round.

Regardless of the result, young players played with veteran Kim Jong-un on the PO stage to their heart’s content. Manager Kim said, “A big stage called PO can be a good experience for players. Um Seo-i also had a bad back, so she couldn’t play until the second round. But she told me to prepare to play in the third round at home. When I got the chance, I really wanted to play PO. Eventually, Um Seo-i failed to play in the third round, but all the players who joined the team stepped on the court.

Although Hana One-Q lost three consecutive games to Kookmin Bank. However, Kim emphasized the importance of PO to the players, and expected Hana One-Q players to nourish their growth, knowing the importance of the three games well.배트맨토토

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