NBA Daily Injury Report (March 14): Curry, who avoided a major injury, is expected to return to the team

March 14, 2024 0 Comments

Nine games will be played in the NBA on the 14th (Korea time). Stephen Curry (36, 188cm) is scheduled to return soon, so the Golden State Warriors are expected to fully recover.
ESPN and other local media reported on the 13th that Curry, who suffered an ankle injury, was retested at a hospital on the 20th local time, and as a result, he was approved to resume court training.

Curry missed the next two games after feeling uncomfortable in his right ankle after the game against the Chicago Bulls on the 8th. Fortunately, the injury was not serious enough to worry about. Before the injury, Curry played 59 games and performed well with an average of 26.9 points (44.9% FG), 4.4 rebounds, and 4.9 assists. His three-point shooting is his main feature, and he averaged 40.9% of his shots with 4.9%. The team’s poor performance in the early and mid-season is coupled with the resurgence of Curry and Klay Thompson (34,198cm), and he is currently in the Western Conference play-in tournament with 34 wins and 30 losses.

Curry is expected to join the team’s training on the 28th local time and play the normal schedule. In addition, as Desmond Bain (25,196cm) and Brandon Clarke (27,203cm) are preparing to return after overcoming their injuries, the Jumpball looked at what changes were made to the injured list ahead of the game on the 14th. 와이즈토토

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