“Do you do that?” There is no ‘special-class’ training in ML. Even hundreds of billions of players start with ‘basics.’

March 20, 2024 0 Comments

“You’re doing something like that?”

What kind of training do players do in Major League Baseball, the best league in the world? I think there’s something special about it. It wasn’t. Fundamentals come first. There’s a lot of implications.

The San Diego and LA Dodgers are in Korea. It is for the Major League Seoul Series. For the first time ever, the Major League Baseball’s opening game will be held in Korea. Big Leaguers can be seen right in front of your eyes. Fans are also interested. In particular, excitement is increasing in that Kim Ha-sung and Ko Woo-seok are back and Shohei Ohtani is back.

KBO league players also see major leaguers right in front of them. They ran together, and there was a real reference point. It’s training.

An official training session between the Dodgers and the San Diego Padres took place on Wednesday. San Diego drew attention. It lasted for about two hours. It seemed that a total of more than an hour was spent solely on defense.

Infielders such as Kim Ha-sung, Xander Bogaerts, and Manny Machado appeared. Catcher Luis Campano also stood with his mitts on. At first, he settled in front of the infield. He just held the ball properly. After receiving the ball, he put it in a box next to it.

After that, he stepped back a little. The distance and the intensity of the hit were different, but all he caught was him. Accurate catches are the key. Machado trained with gloves that were much smaller than regular gloves.

Next is an apple. The ball flew at an incredible speed. It first came from the front. He catches it properly and quickly throws it to first base. After that, it flew to the side. A course that requires difficult catches and runs.

After going through the whole process, I caught the bat. All the players, including Kim Ha-sung, produced exciting hits. With every swing, I tried my best. There was a line of balls over the fence.

This training was incomparable to that of defense. It was short but strong. The training focused on defense rather than offense. The training emphasized the basics. 먹튀검증

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