“SON, much more natural goaltender” End of hat trick? “Tottenham captain ear solver”

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Will Son Heung-min play the role of a solver after Tottenham Hotspur captain?

Tottenham drew 2-2 in the first round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2023/24 season against Brentford, which was played at the G-Tech Community Stadium in London, England on the 14th at 10:00 pm (Korean time).

Tottenham caught the mood with Christian Romero scoring the opening goal. However, they allowed a turnaround by conceding consecutive runs. Emerson Royale avoided defeat as they equalized.

Above all, attention was focused on Son Heung-min. He was selected as Tottenham’s captain this season and made his captain’s official debut.

However, the performance did not come out as expected, and it received a disappointing evaluation. In particular, the collaboration with Destiny’s Udoji wasn’t perfect yet.

Son Heung-min continued to penetrate from the side to the center and showed off his presence. In this situation, Udo-ji had to open up space for effective positioning, but breathing was not smooth as he came inside.

In a situation where Kane was not here, Richarlison started to play the role of a goalkeeper, but he could not activate the scorer and swallowed his regret.

Before the game, Son Heung-min regretted Kane’s transfer, saying, “We lost one of the best strikers in the world,” but said, “There is a good player to replace. Richarli Song gives everything for his team. He will be exciting,” he said, expressing anticipation.

Richarlison was sluggish last season, but raised expectations by recording a hat-trick in a pre-season friendly match ahead of this season, but was disappointing as a result in the official opening game.

It was a game where Tottenham could keenly feel the void created by Kane’s departure. In this situation, there was also an opinion that another player other than Richarlison should digest the front striker.

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp told ‘Stadium Astro’, “Richarlison cannot replace Kane. It’s not that level. In Brazil and Everton he scored well, but not now.”

He said, “Tottenham’s front line should be occupied by Son Heung-min, not Richarlison. He will score 20 goals this season.”

Although Son Heung-min will be the answer, “It will be difficult to expect as much destructive power as when playing with Kane. That is the problem,” he said, adding that it would not be easy.

The British media’The Boot Room’ agreed with Redknapp’s opinion, but noted that “using Son Heung-min as a forward striker will mean a lot to Tottenham at this point.”

“As Kane left, there was a void in the front striker position. Son Heung-min is a much more natural goalscorer than Richarlison,” he added.

Along with this, “It is necessary to keep an eye on the situation in Richarlison. If you don’t score goals, change may be imminent. The left side can also be digested,” he said, suggesting that it was a better choice for Son Heung-min to play the role of a forward striker.

Tottenham keenly felt Kane’s absence from the first official game of the season. Although it is the first step, change is inevitable if bad circumstances continue. Will Son Heung-min carry out the task of solving the goal as well as the captain?

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