Against AT Madrid, which woke ‘Super Nova’ Bae Joon-ho up again, “He was a really nothing player.”

August 16, 2023 0 Comments

“I was really a nothing player.”

The friendly match between “Team K League” and Atletico Madrid (Spain) on the 27th of last month served as an opportunity to remind “Super Nova” Bae Joon-ho (20, Daejeon Hana Citizen). Bae Joon-ho is the best “view” expected by the K League and Korean soccer. Bae Joon-ho showed his skills to the world through the last FIFA U-20 World Cup, and his delicate ball touch, foot skills, and excellent soccer intelligence were considered the “top” among promising players around the world. Bae Joon-ho, who played the role of an ace after overcoming an early injury, led Kim Eun-joong to the semifinals. Bae Joon-ho, who returned to the K League, has grown one step further and has become a “rising star” by making sure of his recognition. He was selected over his seniors in the K League midfielder category.

The exciting match against world stars Atletico was different. He showed off his overwhelming skills. Bae Joon-ho felt that day’s experience was special. He said, “The match against Atletico was an opportunity to be humble. There were too many famous players, and the game was one-sided. I felt and learned a lot from the side. I felt like I was a player who was nothing.”

Contrary to the modest impression, Bae Joon-ho is receiving a lot of attention from Europe. Diego Simeone (Atletico) coach also picked “No. 33” as the most impressive player in the team’s K League since the match against Atletico, which was Bae Joon-ho’s back number. Europe’s love calls, which have continued since the U-20 World Cup, are becoming more concrete toward the end of the summer transfer market. Given that Daejeon also reflects its willingness to empower the challenge if it is a good proposal, the European transfer is likely to become a reality. However, Bae Joon-ho had a calm atmosphere. “Of course I want to go to Europe,” he said, “but I try not to be impatient. Even if it’s not this summer, I think I’ll have a chance to go out someday. I think I just have to do my best in my position.”

Bae Jun-ho is expanding his position in the Daejeon but club. He scored his second goal of the season in a match against FC Seoul held at the World Cup Stadium in Daejeon on the 13th. In the 41st minute of the second half, a calm finish followed by an exquisite 2-to-1 pass with Yoo Kang-hyun split Seoul’s goal. Bae Jun-ho laughed, saying, “I scored my K-League 1 debut goal with a header against Daegu FC. At that time, my brothers teased me a lot about whether I should score a proper goal.

Not only in terms of skills, but also in terms of popularity compared to last year. Bae Jun-ho is more determined than ever. Bae Jun-ho said, “It seems to have changed a lot after the U-20 World Cup. They support me a lot through social media and give me a lot of presents. I feel like I have to do better.” My confidence rises, and my desire to show something more with a thrilling heart grows.In the future, I want to show a lot of good performances as a striker by adding one goal after another, and show a play that I do not think I am a player under the age of 22. want,” he said.

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