Mets season waiver, Texas and Scherzer trade deal… Trade Disclaimer and Financial Issues Remain

July 30, 2023 0 Comments

The New York Mets have virtually abandoned the season. Ace Max Scherzer is eventually traded. The destination is the Texas Rangers. However, the exercise of the right to veto trade is emerging as a variable.

Andy Martino of the New York media “SNY” and John Heyman of the New York Post said on the 30th (Korea Standard Time), “The Mets and Texas are seriously talking about the Scherzer trade,” but explained, “It depends on Scherzer’s approval.” The agreement between the teams seems to be over. Scherzer’s veto is the final barrier to the trade agreement, John Heyman said on the 30th (Korea Standard Time) that “The Mets and Texas are talking seriously about the Scherzer trade,” but explained, “It depends on Scherzer’s approval.” The agreement between the teams seems to be over. Scherzer’s exercise of his trade veto is the final barrier to a trade deal, it reports.

But trade vetoes were surprisingly easy to solve. ” Sources say Scherzer will waive his right to trade vetoes to head to Texas,” Martino said. However, he added that there are problems to be solved in terms of finances, not players to be traded.

Scherzer signed a three-year, $130 million free agent contract ahead of the 2022 season, with an average annual salary of $43.33 million. Exactly 2024 player option and 2+1 year contract. Along with teammate Justin Verlander, he is the highest-paid player in Major League Baseball. Last year, he played only 23 games (145⅔ innings) due to a side injury, but he recorded 11 wins, 5 losses, 2.29 ERA and 173 strikeouts.

This year, large and small injuries such as shoulders and neck are continuing, and Scherzer knows the limit of time, and has even been suspended for 10 games for suspicion of using foreign substances. This year’s performance is 9 wins, 4 losses, 4.01 ERA, and 121 strikeouts in 19 games (107⅔ innings). He holds the record for the most home runs in the National League with 23, which is not as good as before.

It was the Mets that “stock billionaire” Steve Cohen bought the club and made a massive investment, starting with a contract with Scherzer, which was at its peak last winter. Last winter, free agent pitcher Justin Verlander (2 years, $86.66 million), Godai Senga (5 years, $75 million), Jose Quintana (2 years, $26 million), Adam Ottavino (2 years, $14.5 million), David Robertson (1 year, 1 year), and catcher Omar Navaez (2 years, $15 million). Edwin Diaz (5 years, $102 million) and center fielder brand Nemo (8 years, $162 million), who qualified as free agents from the club, also signed a huge contract and showed their willingness to become president.

However, the season ended when Dias suffered a ruptured patella tendon during the World Baseball Classic (WBC) victory ceremony, and Quinta and Verlander also spent the first half of the season with rib and muscle injuries, respectively. In the end, it was not easy to exert an investment effect, and in the end, high-income people became a nuisance. The season’s performance is 49 wins, 54 losses, and fourth in the National League East. The team’s batting average is .237, ranking 21st overall, and the OPS is .777, the second. The team’s ERA is also 4.31, ranking 18th overall. Neither pitcher is competitive.

In the end, David Robertson was traded to the Miami Marlins to set the “angle” of giving up the season, and eventually, Scherzer is on the verge of a trade agreement, which is also causing the Mets’ extensive investment season to come to nothing.

Texas, meanwhile, is 60-44 in the American League West. Fall baseball is just around the corner while feeling the investment effect this year. Houston (58-46), ranked second in the district, is closely chasing by two games.

Texas currently ranks 16th overall with a 4.22 ERA in the team and fifth in the league with a 3.86 ERA in starters. Nathan Eobaldi (11 wins, 3 losses, 2.69 ERA), Dane Dunning (8 wins, 4 losses, 3.28 ERA), and John Gray (6 wins, 5 losses, 3.66 ERA) have their own starters, but there is no clear ace. Ace-class pitcher Jacob deGrom signed a five-year, $185 million contract, but deGrom was out for the season after undergoing elbow Tommy John surgery, revealing his toxic temperament. As he aims for autumn baseball, he needed a veteran ace named Scherzer, who won the Cy Young Award three times and showed off his insane presence in autumn baseball, and is set to be recruited.

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