Milwaukee right-hander Junis was hit during training and was taken to the hospital

April 23, 2024 0 Comments

Milwaukee Brewers right-hander Jacob Junis (31) has been in the most horrible accident a baseball player could ever have. Junis was injured by a fly ball while training in the outfield ahead of an away game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 23rd (Korea time). He was training with other pitchers while taking a light jog. At the same time, Pittsburgh players on the home team were practicing batting, when a hit from here hit him. Trainers from both teams rushed to check the condition, but they were in such bad condition that they couldn’t get up. It wasn’t a problem the trainers could solve. Eventually, an ambulance arrived on the ground. The fallen player was taken to a hospital on a stretcher. Seeing their opponent collapse, the Pittsburgh Pirates had no choice but to stop batting training. The Milwaukee pitchers went through normal training. According to the Pirates, Junis collapsed after being hit in the neck area. He was conscious and appeared to respond to external stimuli. He will have additional checkups at the hospital. Junice is a veteran who played eight seasons in the major leagues. 111 of his 169 career games were starts. After playing for Kansas City (2017-21) and the San Francisco Giants (2022-23), he joined Milwaukee on a one-year contract this season. He started the home game against the Minnesota Twins on the 3rd and allowed three hits, one walk, four strikeouts and one run in four innings, and has since been on the injured list due to right shoulder collision syndrome.


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