Kim Minjae made the future opaque!

March 26, 2024 0 Comments

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel (50) picked up defender Kim Min-jae (28, Munich)

According to Britain’s “Caught Offside” on Tuesday, Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in European transfer markets, recently wrote in his column, “There are speculations that some well-known players will leave Munich. As far as I understand, there are no specific suggestions. What is important for Munich right now is the appointment of a new coach,” adding, “Kim Min-jae, like Dayo Upamecano, is another player who has an uncertain future. However, a transfer of players always comes with the coach’s decision. Therefore, the replacement of Munich’s coach (which will be over at the end of this season) will be the key.”

This means that the future of Kim Min-jae will be clearer than now depending on which coach will come after Tuchel. As long as Tuchel remains in charge until this season, Kim Min-jae’s future is uncertain. What kind of player the next coach will evaluate Kim Min-jae will determine the direction of his “residue or transfer.”

After finishing last season with the Bundesliga victory, Tuchel actively sent a love call to Kim Min-jae, who played as a key defender in Serie A Napoli and had experience at the top of the league. It was Tuchel who had a great influence on Kim Min-jae’s trip to Munich.

However, their trip ends in just one season. Munich announced last month that it would accompany Tuchel only until this summer, adding that the contract would run until June 2025. However, the two sides agreed to terminate their contract in June 2024.

His poor performance has hampered Tuchel. Munich is in second place with 60 points, 19 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, while playing 26 rounds of the Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season. There is a whopping 10 points gap with Leverkusen (22 wins and 4 draws). 토토사이트 predicts that it will not be easy to come from behind to win.

He reduced Kim Min-jae to the bench

Coach Tuchel, who is about to say goodbye to Munich, suddenly reduced Kim Min-jae to the bench.

Kim Min-jae has only been on the bench for three consecutive official games, behind Eric Dier.

Kim Min-jae, who was excluded from the starting list of the second round of SS Lazio (3-0 victory) in the UEFA Champions League on the 6th, was unable to play. In the match between Mainz and Bundesliga on the 9th, he was replaced by Dyer in the 30th minute of the second half and managed to get a chance to play.

On top of that, Kim only stepped up to the bench again for his showdown with Darmstadt in the 26th round of the Bundesliga on Wednesday. After moving to Munich, he started 15 consecutive games, which led to controversy over whether he would play or not, but the mood is quite different these days.

Rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Inter Milan rose rapidly as rumors spread in Europe.

“Inter Milan is eager to recruit Kim Min-jae,” Italian media outlet Blasting News said on Monday. “We are planning to recruit Romelu Lukaku in a similar way to the way we hired Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea in the past,” adding, “It is a way to recruit Kim Min-jae first through loan and then proceed with the full transfer. Due to the club’s financial problems, it is difficult to recruit Kim Min-jae completely from the beginning.”

“Inter Milan is dreaming of recruiting Kim Min-jae due to the possibility of (defensive) Francesco Acerbi (36) being suspended for 10 games,” another Italian media outlet Gazeta delo Sport reported earlier on Tuesday. They predicted the possibility of Kim returning to Serie A after a single season.

The possibility of Kim Min-jae’s “Return to Serie A” suddenly rose because Inter Milan’s “veteran defender” Achervi could be suspended for 10 games for racist remarks. Kim Min-jae’s name came out through local media as he wondered who could fill the position.

As rumors grew that Kim Min-jae and Inter Milan were connected every day, Romano said, “Munich is very satisfied with Kim Min-jae’s dedication,” and told him that the topic in Munich was who would be the next head coach.

Kim Minjae is controlling

Tuchel is the one who brought Kim to Munich, who made him a bench seat, and who made him impossible to predict his future. He has no choice but to control Kim.

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