How is the ‘Park Moo-bin-Okzon’ ​​duo changing Hyundai Mobis basketball?

January 29, 2024 0 Comments

The ‘freshman’ duo is changing Ulsan Hyundai Mobis. Rookie Park Moo-bin and Filipino player Miguel Andre Oxon.

Hyundai Mobis defeated Samsung 116-78 in the final match of the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball Regular League at Dongcheon Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 28th.

He took the lead from the start and continued to expand. He led by 19 points in the first half. In the fourth quarter, he even widened the gap by more than 40 points. The attack was smooth and the defense was strong. It was a game with no reason to lose.

Park played for 19 minutes and 37 seconds, recording seven points, one rebound and seven assists. Although he did not play much due to his injury during the game, he displayed robust performance when he was on the court.

Oxon had 15 points, three rebounds, and three assists. His unique dribble breakthrough allowed the audience to breathe. It is no exaggeration to say that Park Moo-bin and Oxon dominated Samsung from the front.

Park is considered a strong candidate for this season’s Rookie of the Year award. Despite being a rookie, he has become an indispensable player on the team. Oxon is also in his KBL debut season, but he quickly adapted. He seems to have adapted to the KBL’s unique and complex defense.

Early in the season, the signatories left due to a ruptured cruciate ligament in the knee. Season out. The team’s key guard was suddenly missing. Hyundai Mobis also had a lot of worries. Park Moo-bin – Ok-zone is smiling brightly thanks to him.

Choi Jin-soo, a senior member of the team, also gave a big thumbs up. “When Myung-jin was present, he played well in front of the team. There were many attacks derived from him. (Park) Moo-bin and Oxon become pick-and-rolls. The way they attack has changed. The opponent has to keep paying attention,” he said.

He continued, “If the focus is on Mubin and Okzone, chances will come from the other side. The game goes well naturally. Previously, even if you shot from the outside, there were defenders in front of you. Now there are many openings. The success rate has also increased. Prim is also excited. When I catch the ball, I see only Mubin and Okzone.”

Choi Jin-soo also said, “Guardians nowadays often fail to become one when they become one. I am not a mubin. I am not a mubin. I am not missing everything. Like Kim Sun-hyung from SK, he could become a plotter after breaking through. Oxon is an aggressive style basketball unique to Philippine players. I love it. Once you adjust to the defense, you will be able to do better.”

Manager Cho Dong-hyun said, “The front line has definitely improved. Because you are a guard, you can attack quickly. Pass can be issued at any time. Prim is also running again. The ball works well because it comes easily. Post attack came up as well. In the beginning, there were players who could not put it inside. Not anymore.”

There is Prim, the best foreign player in the league. Ham Ji-hoon and Kim Jun-il are also strong local tycoons. As long as you live in front of them, you can use them to your heart’s content. Being able to play fast basketball is the icing on the cake.

Park Moo-bin and Oxon are playing this role. There was also the advantage of being able to solve it yourself. Thanks to this, sixth-ranked Hyundai Mobis is shaking the league.


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