‘Little Giant’ Lee Da-yeon “I wish there were more international competitions… ” Simone Asia Pacific Cup tee-off on the 21st

December 21, 2023 0 Comments

“I find it meaningful to participate on behalf of my country. “I wish there were more competitions like this.”

Golf, an individual sport, rarely has national competitions. At the amateur level, the Olympics and Asian Games are held on the largest scale. If you win, your country’s flag is raised, so the ceremony is different from other golf tournaments where you smile brightly while holding the trophy and take a ‘solo photo’.

‘Little Giant’ Lee Da-yeon (Mediheal), who won a total of 6 wins on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Tour, also has experience participating in the Asian Games. Although she failed to win a medal, the tension unique to her national competition was a special experience.

Lee Da-yeon participated as a Korean representative in the Simone Asia Pacific Cup (total prize money of $750,000), which opens on the 21st at the Pondok Golf Course in Indonesia.

The Simone Asia Pacific Cup is a national golf tournament in the Asia-Pacific region organized by the Asia Golf Players Forum .

Since it is an event competition, some people are uncomfortable with the term ‘national competition’, but since it was created to promote women’s golf in Asia, especially developing countries, the mere participation of top-class players from the Asia-Pacific region is a great motivation for girl golfers. do.

Lee Da-yeon, who is participating in this competition for the second time this year, said, “This is my first time participating, and I am thankful that there is a game where I can play with players from many countries. “It is meaningful for her to be able to represent the country,” she said, expressing her expectations, saying, “I hope this competition will be held in the future and grow even further.”

Lee Da-yeon, who is competing in the team event as a team with her ‘best friend’ Lee So-young (Lotte), expressed her determination to win the team event, saying, “There is an individual event, but there is also a team event, so I think I will have to play in harmony with the player I play with.”

In Korea, Lee Bo-mi and Yoo So-yeon won the team event at the invitational competition held last year. This year, they aim to win the team event twice in a row and win the individual event.

Therefore, in Korea, not only Lee Da-yeon and Lee So-young, but also KLPGA Tour and amateur stars such as Kim Min-byeol, Hwang Yu-min, Kim Min-sol, and Ahn Shin-ae are in attendance.

Representatives from Thailand, including LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year (2022) Ataya Titikun, Jaravi Bunchant, Japan, represented by Nasa Hataoka, and the Philippines, represented by Princess Mary Superior, the first individual champion, are competing. It is considered a strong candidate for the championship.토토사이트웹

Speral said, “Last year, I really didn’t expect anything and just focused on the game, so I think I was very shocked and moved after winning. Winning this competition gave me confidence in my play. “I will focus only on my game this year as well,” he said, expressing his motivation, saying, “This year, my goal is to win the team championship.”

Titikkun, who has the highest world ranking among the contestants, said, “I know that expectations are high for me,” but added, “I don’t think about the results. “Rather than feeling pressured, my goal was to have a good time with my teammates as it was the last competition of the year,” he said, showing off his extraordinary ‘mentality’.

He said, “I played on this course during the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, and I remember it clearly. “This is my first time as a professional, so I will focus on showing off my play,” he said.

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