Lee So-mi, 2nd place, Sung Yu-jin, 7th place, passed LPGA Q Series

December 7, 2023 0 Comments

Leading domestic women’s golf players, including So-mi Le , Yu-jin Seong , and Jin-hee Lim , passed the LPGA Tour Qualifying (Q) Series with excellent results.

Somi Lee recorded a birdie and two bogeys in the final 6th round of the tournament held at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Crossing Course (par 72) in Mobile, Alabama, USA on the 7th (Korean time), hitting 1 over par 73.

Somi Lee, who recorded a final total of 26 under par 404 strokes, passed the LPGA Tour Q Series in a tie for second place, 3 strokes behind Robin Choi (Australia), who passed first.

Somi Lee started the final round as the sole leader and raised expectations of passing the senior class, but lost a number of strokes on the last day and was unable to continue the honor of a Korean player’s Q series passing the senior class for three consecutive years. Korean players advanced to the LPGA tour by ranking first in the Q Series, with Anna Rin in 2021 and Yoo Hae-ran in 2022.

However, Somi Lee maintained her lead throughout all 6 rounds, never falling out of the top 5, and succeeded in advancing to the LPGA Tour, confirming her competitiveness on the US stage next year.

Sung Yu-jin also ranked high for all six days and obtained a full seed that allows her to participate in almost all tournaments on the LPGA Tour next year. Seong Yu-jin reduced 2 strokes to 4 birdies and 2 bogeys in the final round of the day, and tied for 7th place with a final total of 19 under par 411 strokes.

Jang Hyo-jun , who debuted on the LPGA tour this year but failed to maintain his seed, also secured a stable seed by tying for 7th place.

Lim Jin-hee (13 under par, 417 strokes), who tied for 17th place, also succeeded in passing the LPGA tour next year.

So-mi Lee, Yu-jin Sung, and Jin-hee Lim are top players on the KLPGA tour. Somi Lee recorded her fifth win on the KLPGA Tour, and Yujin Sung recorded her second win this season. Jinhee Lim won 4 times this year alone, becoming the ‘King of Most Wins’, and she was ranked 40th in the world, the highest ranking among the players who participated in this competition.

We will also be able to see our players competing for the Rookie of the Year award on the LPGA Tour stage next year.

Meanwhile, Robin Choi, a Korean in Australia, successfully returned to the LPGA tour by passing the final score of 29 under par and 401 strokes. Mao Saigo (Japan), who has 6 wins on the Japan Ladies Professional Golf (JLPGA) tour, is tied for 2nd place (26 under par, 404 strokes), and Yuri Yoshida (Japan), who has 3 wins in total, is tied for 7th place (19 under par, 411 strokes). It is expected that there will be competition with players for the Rookie of the Year Award. 스포츠토토

Jennifer Song (USA), who accompanied Yang Hui-ung , who won the CME Group Tour Championship in the final match of the LPGA Tour season, as her caddy, also succeeded in returning to the LPGA Tour by tying for 17th place (13 under par, 417 strokes).

On the other hand, veteran Lee Jeong-eun was tied for 23rd place (12 under par, 418 strokes) and was only a conditional seed. Hong Jeong-min (21), who has one win in her career on the KLPGA tour, also receives a conditional seed as she is tied for 45th place (8 under par, 422 strokes).

The top 20 players in the LPGA Tour Q Series receive seeds to participate in most tournaments next year, and the top 45 players are given conditional seeds and the right to participate in the Epson Tour (Part 2).

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