Son Heung-min’s ‘unbelievable’ message to Tottenham fans the morning after the defeat at Chelsea

November 9, 2023 0 Comments

Tottenham of the English Premier League (EPL) suffered a ‘disastrous defeat’.

Tottenham lost 1-4 to Chelsea in the 11th round of the 2023-24 EPL season held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, its home stadium, on the 7th (Korean time). Tottenham’s undefeated streak was broken, and the first place it had maintained was lost to Manchester City.

It was a crushing defeat due to a combination of bad news and bad luck. Tottenham took the lead with Dejan Kulusevski’s first goal in the 6th minute of the first half, but Christian Romero’s expulsion, Destiny Udozy’s expulsion, injuries to Mickey van der Pen and James Maddison, and Son Heung-min’s goal being canceled followed.

Chelsea took advantage of this opportunity and Nicola Jackson scored a hat trick, starting with Cole Palmer’s equalizer in the 35th minute of the first half. The result was a crushing defeat of 1-4. And that too, at their home stadium, in front of a packed stadium of home fans, against their London rivals. 안전놀이터

Under normal circumstances, players cannot raise their heads. But then a surprising situation unfolded. Despite the crushing defeat, Tottenham home fans who visited the stadium gave the players a ‘standing ovation’. It’s a scene that can’t come out easily. They applauded the fighting spirit shown by Tottenham. Instead of backing down in a situation where there were two fewer players, the fans supported them as they attacked more actively.

There was no shame in the crushing defeat. Rather, I was proud. Tottenham fans expressed their sincerity to the Tottenham players.

Kulusevski said of the situation after the game: “Honestly, it’s unbelievable. Some things are bigger than football, bigger than winning. I was so proud of the fans in that moment. I was grateful. They make me want to give back more. “They give us energy,” he said.

Tottenham’s captain Son Heung-min also responded to Tottenham fans who conveyed such sincerity. The morning after the Chelsea match ended in local time, Son Heung-min presented a heartfelt message to Tottenham fans through social media.

‘Spurs Web’, which provides Tottenham news, expressed, “Son Heung-min sent an ‘unbelievable’ message to Tottenham fans the morning after the Chelsea match.” What kind of message is this?

“Your support was amazing last night. We felt the energy and atmosphere of the Tottenham fans in the stadium. We made mistakes as a team and it put us in a disadvantageous position. But guys, we will learn from these mistakes and , we will bounce back, we will be stronger together. I woke up this morning proud of our players, proud of our supporters and now I’m excited to get to the training ground.”

Regarding this message, the media outlet said, “I would like to say that it was a night I would like to forget, but I think Tottenham players need that experience to build resilience and prove to the fans that the way we do things is right no matter what. It’s a bone of contention. “It was a disappointing loss, but we will move on. Our boys are preparing for the next game.”

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