After 5 days of rest, Kim Ha-seong is about to return

September 22, 2023 0 Comments

After 5 days of rest, will Kim Ha-seong be able to throw his last game?

Ha-seong Kim returns. Although I suffered from stomach pain of unknown origin, I hit the bat and practiced fielding. He appears ready for one final spurt.

Kim Ha-seong of the U.S. Major League Baseball San Diego Padres suddenly complained of abdominal pain ahead of the away game against the Oakland Athletics on the 18th (Korean time). He was quickly removed from the lineup.

The San Diego team conducted various examinations, but could not find the cause of the stomachache. However, Ha-seong Kim’s pain did not go away and he was unable to play in four consecutive games until the game against the Colorado Rockies on the 21st.

This is not a situation to ‘fool around’. Ha-seong Kim is only three home runs away from joining the 20 home run and 20 steal club, which can raise his value to the top level of the league. It is normal to endure even if it hurts. It is clear that it is too difficult for Kim Ha-seong, who is known to tolerate most injuries, to be sidelined for such a long time.

However, Ha-seong Kim is showing signs of improvement. He completed his batting and defensive training normally ahead of the game against Colorado on the 21st. Locally, since there is no schedule in San Diego on the 22nd, it is expected that Kim Ha-seong will take a good rest until then and return to the game against the St. Louis Cardinals on the 23rd.

There are now only 9 games left until the end of the season. It may not be an easy mission for Kim Ha-seong, who is not a typical slugger, to hit three home runs in nine games. My physical condition is also not normal. However, unless the injury is at risk of worsening, Kim Ha-seong also needs to make a game-winning move in the remaining 9 games. As mentioned above, there is a difference between a 19 home run hitter and a 20 home run hitter.

First of all, it is important to come back healthy and play as a starter. If you want to improve your game sense, you will need time to adapt to 1-2 games. Instead, as long as a home run occurs within 2-3 games, the pressure will be relieved and a lighter swing will be possible. Ha-seong Kim has not hit a home run for almost a month after hitting a grand slam against the Miami Marlins on the 22nd of last month.

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