Trump Casino Demolished; MSNBC Telecasts the Video

August 30, 2023 0 Comments

The recent episode of popular cable and satellite channel MSNBC showcased the implosion of the former US President Donald Trump’s Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino located in the Atlantic City, New Jersey. The video clip of the demolition was played by the host of the show, Nicolle Wallace, soon after wrapping her interview with GOP operative and Trump critic Tim Miller. The reactions of Miller and Wallace made the entire setup even more exciting for the viewers.

The ‘Deadline: White House’ host felt that the implosion of the Trump Casino was symbolic and even conveyed that she didn’t felt bad playing the video clip for Tim on the show. In response to Wallace’s comment, Tim said that he is sulking at the moment for a second. Wallace even requested her team for the first time to play a video twice for the viewers. It seemed that the American television host and the author were cherishing the glimpses of the falling Trump Plaza with her snarky retorts on the same topic.

The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino was established by Donald Trump in 1984 as a lavish casino house for elite casino fans. The grandeur of the venue earned quick fame, and within no time, it became one of the most successful gambling hubs in the region. According to the reports from various news portals, the Trump Plaza lost its charm after the launch of its nearby rival, the Trump Taj Mahal, in 1990. The loss of funds and bankruptcy complications made Trump withdrew his support from Plaza back in 2009. The casino closed its doors forever in 2014 with the title of the worst-performing casino in the city.

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