Passion of a football fan in a wheelchair “I came running from Incheon because I wanted to see Holland”

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A male student took a picture in front of a large Manchester City and Atletico Madrid uniform in front of the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 30th of last month. Cho Jung-hyuk (16), who was in a wheelchair, was busy manipulating his wheelchair and taking various “intuitive proof shots” against the background of the stadium.

“In fact, the team I support is Liverpool, but I came to watch the game because I heard Manchester City’s Elling Holan is playing,” he said, adding, “Holan is not as handsome as Rodri, but he is good at soccer.” “I like you. When I see Harlan, I’ll ask him to take a picture of you said

Joe has cerebral palsy. He is said to have developed brain abnormalities on the third day after he was born. However, his disability did not dampen Cho’s passion for soccer. Her mother Jeong Hye-ran , who accompanied me that day, said, “My son likes sports and musicals. He rides around the country in a modified box-shaped compact car. When his son gets off the wheelchair, he can’t do anything, but when he’s in the wheelchair, he can’t go anywhere by himself. there is,” he said.

Mr. Jeong said that he could only get one ticket for the game, so he went into the stadium alone. “Since I was 3 years old, I have been practicing on my own, so it’s not a problem at all. Now there are many things I can do by myself. Not too long ago, I went down to Busan by train to see a musical,” he laughed. Jogun, who said he dreamed of becoming an agent because he liked game intuition and analysis, smiled brightly, saying, “I like musicals too, but it doesn’t matter if you come to the soccer field. Now I’m at the soccer field. I like soccer better. Today I will cheer for Hollan.”

On that day, 64,195 fans gathered at the Seoul World Cup Stadium to watch the Coupang Play Series Man City-Atletico match. The story of visiting the stadium was different, but the heart of not wanting to miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of world-class clubs facing each other in Korea was the same. Fans wearing Man City’s blue jerseys, among them, fans wearing ‘Monster’ Holland’s jersey number 9 had the highest share, but fans cheering for Atletico were also easy to find.

Lee Kang-seo , who visited the stadium holding hands with his mother and younger sister, said, “I came to watch the game because I like Hollan and Deok-bae hyung (Kevin the Brawiner’s nickname).” On this day, when asked why he wore the FC Seoul uniform, he replied, “Because my dad didn’t buy me a Man City uniform.”

The combination of the two men wearing Man City’s sky blue uniform and Atletico’s ‘white/red’ uniform was striking. Listening to the story, Kim Hye-woong (24) wearing a Man City uniform and Hwang Hyo-won (24) wearing an Atletico uniform were high school friends. In fact, Mr. Kim is a Manchester United fan and Mr. Hwang is a Tottenham fan, but he said that he wanted to watch the match between Man City and Atletico, so he asked for a ticket and even bought a uniform while he was there. Mr. Kim laughed, saying “Man United and Man City are neighbors…”. Mr. Hwang said that he wanted to resolve the disappointment of not being able to see Tottenham’s visit to Korea last year due to circumstances.

Man City and Atletico are teams that do not have Korean players. There were also laws to be concerned about in terms of box office performance. But it was a needless worry. The world’s best team was enough to appeal to domestic soccer fans. The number of spectators on this day was more than 64,100 spectators in the K-League match between Son Heung-min and Tottenham a year ago. We were able to reconfirm the box office power of the Coupang Play series, which entered its second year.

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