Man City’s biggest achievement is not ‘Pep’ but ‘this player’ who has been playing for 15 years.

May 20, 2024 0 Comments

Manchester City in the English Premier League (EPL). It was a marginal team. Manchester United’s owner was the “absolutely famous” Manchester United. 

However, with the massive influx of capital from the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, it began to fluctuate and explode in 2016. 2016 was a historic turning point. This year was the year Pep Guardiola, the world-famous coach, took office. After that, Manchester City entered its golden age. They won a total of 16 championships, including five EPL titles and one UEFA Champions League title. After Manchester United, England became the second team to achieve the treble. 

Moreover, Manchester City almost became the first EPL player to win four games in a row, something that even Manchester United failed to achieve. In fact, it is the era of Manchester City. The best team in the world right now is Manchester City. 

That’s why Manchester City’s biggest achievement is Guardiola. Without Pep, this achievement would not have been possible. However, there is also a view that Manchester City’s biggest achievement is someone other than Guardiola. Guardiola was a hard-headed outsider. There is a player who grew up fully in Manchester City and realized everything about Manchester City. He has been with Manchester City for 15 years. It’s Manchester City from start to finish. 

He is on his way to becoming a legend of Manchester City, and is also its No. 1 future captain. He is already recognized as the best player in the EPL, and is also a key member of the British national team. He is Phil Foden. 

Foden joined Manchester City’s youth team in 2009 when he was eight years old. He also joined the first team in 2017 and has been playing as a ‘one-club man’ until this season. A total of 15 years. As mentioned earlier, he is on his way to the top. This is proof that Foden has won the EPL Player of the Year award this season. The EPL secretariat officially announced Foden’s selection of the player of the year on the 18th. Foden has been performing tremendously this season, scoring 17 goals and eight assists. 

Foden is the pride and asset that Manchester City has discovered, developed and utilized. The pride in Foden is enormous. Manchester City’s general manager, Cheeky Begiristein, expressed this pride in an interview with the club. 

He said: “Foden is a great example of our club. We are trying to convince all Manchester City players to follow Foden. He represents everything about Manchester City. He is from Manchester City, he enjoys playing city football and plays however City wants. “Foden is an incredible player, he loves football, he loves being on the pitch.”

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