Female golfers, determined to win… Lim Hee-jeong “Work hard on every shot”

January 14, 2024 0 Comments

Dragon players on the KLPGA Tour are dreaming of a powerful leap like a blue dragon this year.

Lim Hee-jung (Doosan Construction Weave), Cho Ah-yeon (Korea Land Trust), and Jung Yoon-ji (NH Investment & Securities), who played with the national team as an amateur, are representative Dragon Star players.

According to the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) on Sunday, Lim Hee-jung said, “The 2023 season was a year when I made my own golf,” adding, “There were many good moments, but I want to compliment myself for enduring hard moments. I will play golf every shot in the 2024 season. My goal is to become a professional golfer.”

Jo Ah-yeon promised, “The 2023 season was disappointing and difficult because I was not in good health. I am preparing hard to spend the 2024 season in good health and good condition. I will do my best to come back with a better version.”

Jung Yoon-ji said, “After the first win of the 2022 season, in the 2023 season, there were a lot of regrets or difficulties as expectations and burdens were high,” adding, “I will often show a happy smile after the game in the 2024 season.”

Hong Ji-won (Yojin Construction Industry) and Hong Jin-young 2 (Angang Construction) are continuing their growth. Hong Ji-won won major competitions in the 2023 season following the 2022 season, ranking 15th in the prize money list. Hong Jin-young 2 also elevated her prize money ranking by 19 notches compared to the 2022 season last year, the second year of the regular tour.

Hong Ji-won said, “I want to maintain my No. 1 ranking in fairway accuracy in the 2024 season. I want to win major competitions in the 2024 season and achieve my goal of Grand Slam.” 먹튀검증

Hong Jin-young 2 said, “The 2023 season, which was the second year of the regular tour, was a year where I could feel myself taking it to the next level. I am not completely satisfied with some disappointing plays.” He added, “I will make up for what I felt sorry for and make sure to improve my life as I prepare for the 2024 season.” He said, “I will aim for my first win.”

Yoon Hwa-young (K&L Information System) and Subin are dragon players who returned to the regular tour after falling to the second division.

Yoon Hwa-young made it to the regular tour for the 2021 season, but failed to secure a seed last year, so she entered the second part of the dream tour. This year, she qualified for the regular tour by ranking 33rd in the seeding competition. Jung was active in the KLPGA Tour in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, and she participated in the dream tour from the 2022 season. She returned to the regular tour last year, ranking 15th on the Dream Tour prize money list.

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