‘Only 6 points difference from 1st to 5th place’ The V-League men’s division has become tighter

December 5, 2023 0 Comments

The gap from 1st to 5th place is only 6 points.

In the third round of the professional volleyball men’s division, each team’s concentration became more necessary. This is because even if 5th place wins 2 games while 1st place slips 2 games, the fate of both teams can change. The third round, which started under these circumstances, is expected to be a watershed in the direction of spring volleyball for each team.

No. 1 Woori Card met OK Financial Group in the first match of the 3rd round of the 2023-2024 Dodram V-League men’s division held at Ansang Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 3rd and won with a set score of 3 to 2. With this victory, Woori Card became the first men’s team to reach 10 wins.

Woori Card suffered consecutive shutout losses against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and OK Financial Group on the 23rd and 26th of last month in the second round. They recorded their first consecutive loss of the season and were in danger of losing first place to Korean Air. However, they defeated Korean Air’s away game immediately after, 3-0, and regained first place with their first win in the third round against OK Financial Group, who had not won once this season.

But I can’t relax. Second-place Korean Air (8 wins, 4 losses, 25 points) is trailing by 2 points with one game less to play.

It’s not just this. This is because the point gap is maintained closely to 3rd place OK Financial Group (8 wins, 5 losses, 22 points), 4th place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (8 wins, 4 losses, 21 points), and 5th place Korea Electric Power Corporation (7 wins, 6 losses, 21 points). am. Therefore, in the third round, each game of every team became more important than any other time.

The team that stands out is definitely Korea Electric Power Corporation, which is on a 6-game winning streak. KEPCO’s round-by-round ranking is riding a roller coaster. They started the first round in last place, in 7th place (1 win, 5 losses, 2 points), but in the second round, they turned around and finished in 1st place (5 wins, 1 loss, 15 points).

Although it is ranked 5th in the season rankings, considering that the gap between each team is not large, KEPCO has the potential to rise to a higher place at any time. In particular, the resurgence of Lim Seong-jin, who did not perform well in the first round, is contributing to the team’s upward trend.

Lim Seong-jin performed well in both offense and defense in the second round. He recorded an attack success rate of 61.6% in the second round alone, ranking first in overall attack. In defense he ranked second with 5.45 per set. For the entire season, he ranks 9th in scoring (154 points), 10th in opens (28.28% success rate), and 4th in quick opens (59.87).

In recognition of his performance, Lim Seong-jin was selected as the men’s best player (MVP) in the second round. Seongjin Lim received 11 out of 31 votes from the reporters and won his first career round MVP award.

On the other hand, 6th place Hyundai Capital and 7th place KB Insurance are unable to get out of the swamp of consecutive losses. Hyundai Capital has a season record of 2 wins, 10 losses, and 9 points, and is on a 5-game losing streak. Ahmed Ikhbairi (registered name Ahmed, 200cm) is struggling to rank fourth in scoring (319 points), but local outside hitters such as Jeon Kwang-in (194cm), Heo Su-bong (195cm), and Hong Dong-seon (198cm) are not doing their job well. I can’t do it.

What is more serious than the lowest ranked KB Son. It has been all losses since winning the season opener on October 17th. Although they have top-class foreign player Andrés Villena (registered name Villena, 194cm), who ranks second in season scoring (352 points), they are unable to get out of the swamp of consecutive losses. In the third round, where they were looking for a turnaround, they lost 0 to 3 to Korea Electric Power Corporation in the first game, recording a 12-game losing streak.

In the third round, all games are expected to be more intense than before as the gap in points between teams is not large. It is expected that each team’s competition for spring volleyball will be interesting. 메이저사이트 ~

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