“Women’s Volleyball Foreign League.” It’s Bukirich+Na Cha 48 points vs Mega + Jia 50 points

November 19, 2023 0 Comments

The Korea Expressway Corporation, ranked fifth in the women’s professional volleyball division, won a decision in the foreign league, beating the fourth-ranked Cheonggwan, narrowing the gap to “1.”

The Korea Expressway Corporation defeated Cheong Kwan-jang with a set score of 3-2 (23-25 25-15 25-17 20-25 15-13) in a professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V-League home game held at Gimcheon Gymnasium in North Gyeongsang Province on the 18th.

Korea Expressway Corporation won 스포츠토토사이트 two consecutive games and recorded three wins, six losses, and 11 points. Jeong Gwan-gwan (4 wins, 5 losses, 12 points), who lost three consecutive games, had to settle for one point.

Korea Expressway Corporation led the attack with 27 points (32.20 percent attack success rate), including seven blocks and one serve, by foreign player Banya Bukirich (registered name Bukirich), and Tanacha Susukat (registered name Tanacha) in the Asian quarter scored 21 points, the most points in a game (41.46% attack success rate).

Chung said Asian quarter player Mega Wati Putiwi (registered Mega) with a hijab struggled with 33 points (41.89% attack success rate), the most points in a game, while foreign player Giovanna Milana (registered Jia) scored 17 points (41.89% attack success rate).

The roadworks got off to a bad start. In the first set, the team’s success rate of attack was only 27.8%, so the breathing problem was exposed.

Bum-sil (5) was only half of Cheonggwan (10), but failed to make an effective attack and lost the first set.

The flow of the game turned toward the Korea Expressway Corporation in the second set.

This time, the director of Cheong Wa Dae showed a serious problem with concentration anxiety. The defense has completely collapsed, with only 14.29 percent efficiency.

Chung Kwan-kwan setter Yeom Hye-sun also threw to the wrong spot in the second set, 6-11.

The Korea Expressway Corporation did not miss this. Following the second set, I took the third set easily.

However, the Korea Expressway Corporation failed to finish in the fourth set.

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