KIA Cheerleader “I am grateful to the club for covering the entire game”

July 17, 2023 0 Comments

“You can often meet Tigers fans from all over the country. Where is this luck?”

The voice of Seo Han-kook , the KIA Tigers cheerleader, was full of vitality. He is having a busy life so that the expression ‘forced march’ would not be too much, but he is on the podium feeling thrilled and rewarded every day.

KIA is the only one of the 10 clubs to send cheering squads to all games. Until the corona pandemic, it was limited to the home stadium Kia Champions Field in Gwangju and the stadiums in the metropolitan area (Seoul, Incheon, Suwon), but now they also send expeditions to Daegu, Changwon, and Busan. 스포츠토토

Cheerleaders are divided into two groups. Still, the leader who has to lead the cheering match cannot leave his seat. Seo Han-guk, the general manager, sometimes plays 9 consecutive matches. Even if you play just one game, your stamina is consumed so much that you take a shower with sweat. It seems difficult to withstand with some physical strength.

Director Seo Han-kook is just grateful for this situation. He said, “In April of last year, Choi Joon-young (KIA baseball team) CEO said, ‘A cheering team must go to a stadium with at least one KIA fan,’ and supported us to hold cheering matches in all away games as we do now. I felt grateful because the club seemed to think a lot of fans.”

Director Seo Han-kook continued, “There are many KIA fans in any stadium. I felt apologetic when I saw the people cheering for me alone in matches where we (the cheering squad) couldn’t go before. Now, I am so happy that KIA fans all over the country can always happily cheer for me.”

KIA was on the rise by winning all 5 games played last week. Key players such as Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young returned, and Anbang, which was a weak position, also recruited Kim Tae-gun to reinforce it. Both foreign pitchers were also replaced. The number of KIA fans heading to the baseball field has increased.

Director Seo Han-guk has become busier. On the podium, we have to lead the excited fans to be more excited, and off the pitch, we have to create cheering songs and dances for the players who have just transferred to KIA. Director Seo is the main character who planned to cheer for Socrates Brito, a foreign hitter who drew attention last year with an addictive melody and rhythm.

Director Seo Han-kook said, “We have to create a cheer that other clubs do not. In order to differentiate, you need to understand all the content and know the baseball trend and player personality well,” he said. “Now, we are planning to support Kim Tae-gun. He promised that he would do his best to reflect the player’s opinion well and to make the fans like it.”

In charge of cheering for the 8th season (2016-2023) at KIA alone, he is working hard enough to find time to meet his family. However, he is soothing his fatigue by watching KIA fans. General manager Seo Han-kook said, “It is my routine to stand on the podium and watch the fans before the game. When I see the fans laughing and eating, my strength seems to rise again.”

Seo Han-kook, as the KIA cheerleader, has great pride. To Cho Ji-hoon, Lotte Giants cheerleader, and Kim Ju-il, KT Wiz cheerleader, “These are people who have so much energy that I can’t dare evaluate. “I really respect you,” he said, “as far as cheering, KIA is number one. It is because we have the most passionate KIA fans in the league,” he said, thanking the fans. I will work harder to become a cheerleader who understands and sympathizes with KIA fans.”

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